Mission Statement

Despite screenwriting being the foundation of the filmmaking process, it rarely receives literary acclaim on its own. Storyline is an annual literary publication created by screenwriters for screenwriters. Our mission is to honor the craft of screenwriting and create a space for Mason screenwriters to share and celebrate their work.

Honor the Craft

We consider screenwriting to be a craft of its own, worthy of literary celebration. Screenplays can be poetic and thought provoking. Screenplays can be heartbreaking and hilarious. Regardless of the genre, Storyline seeks to shine a spotlight on exemplary student work that demonstrates the power of storytelling.

Sharing our Stories

Too often, a screenwriter’s story isn’t told until it reaches the screen. Storyline seeks to be a platform for students to share their projects apart from film productions. Writers of all races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, nations of origin, and religions are encouraged to submit. Our vision is to build community amongst Mason screenwriters and share the multitude of perspectives that makes Mason unique.