Judia King

Storyline 2023-2024
Judia King

Judia King

Film and Video Studies, concentration in Post Production, 2025

Wanderlust. An intergalactic botanist, accompanied by her supervisor, is assigned to study the flora of an uninhabited planet. Shortly after landing, they quickly discover there’s more to the planet than what meets the eye.

What do you think is the importance of Storyline?

This publication is important because the screenwriters at George Mason are rarely heard from or seen by the other film concentrations. Storyline brings a platform to these people so their work and themselves can have a higher outreach. Through Storyline, other screenwriters outside of the department also have the opportunity to connect with others with a passion for storytelling.

What inspired your screenplay?

I originally wrote this screenplay for one of my film classes a few years ago. I am a fan of all story genres, but Sci-Fi is easily one of my favorites. I especially love vivid world-building, so I wrote this story intending to immerse the readers into this fictional setting. I kept the plot simple to complement the heavy descriptions of the planet the two main characters are exploring.