Jessilee Pollet

Storyline 2023-2024
Jessilee Pollet

Jessilee Pollet

Film and Video Studies, Fall 2023

A Night to Remember. Robyn is suspicious of her roommate after she starts making strange phone calls.

What do you think is the importance of Storyline?

This publication is important to me because this script was very fun to write, and I want to share with others my love for short horror films. Collaboration is a major part of filmmaking and scripts should be shared to make movies a reality. I would love to see students who’d be interested in directing one of the scripts within this publication.

What inspired your screenplay?

I love making short horror films and I decided this script was a good way to practice writing one. I was inspired by the film series “Scream” because I like how the killer is always a fun mystery for the horror/slasher series. I wanted to write this screenplay about a character who became paranoid while having a story that would put the audience in disbelief.