Jason Mabry

Storyline 2023-2024
Jason Mabry

Jason Mabry

Film and Video Studies 2025

Pandora’s Box. A powerful young man turns to a psychic to get revenge for a client.

What do you think is the importance of Storyline?

I find this publication important because it shows that I do have some talent in screenwriting that others are receptive to. Since when I write my scripts, I write what I want to write, but I also tend to be concerned with how I react to my work (like how I feel most screenwriters are). So seeing my script get some acknowledgment is very encouraging and shows that I am on the right path.

What inspired your screenplay?

The inspiration for this script came from my dislike of psychics and my interest in superpowers. So this script serves as a melding between these two interests, in a sort of what-if scenario of a fake psychic meeting a real psychic. But it is also part of a different idea that I’ve been playing around with, and this serves as an example of how that would work.